Thursday, April 17, 2008


I apologize in advance for the lack of posts. I have been very busy with school and such, that I just haven't had a peaceful time to sit down and write. I will also be gone these next couple of days to attend a Papal Mass in New York City. I won't be getting home until Monday, so I don't know if I will feel up to blogging right away. =D I will have tons of stories and pictures to post on here, so be looking out for that.

There is MUCH to say about the Papal visit already. The fact that for the Pope's arrival there was such respect and a big show (media reported that the welcoming was more significant and larger than a visiting king or queen) shows great change in how a papal visit is now treated. I very much respect Pres. Bush and what he said in his welcoming speech to the Pope. It was right on the money and made me proud of my President.

If you get a chance to listen to the comments Pres. Bush made at the White House before the Holy Father spoke, do it. They were excellent and made me proud to be American.

I have so much more to say, about commentary, the medias reaction, what the Pope wore, what he talked about, the list goes on and on...

But I will have plenty of time to talk about my observations later on, for now I wish you all farewell, and hope that you'll keep myself and all who are attending this pilgrimage to NYC in your prayers.

"Ego vobis valedico!!"