Monday, April 14, 2008

Pope Mass in NYC

I am extremaly excited to go to New York City to see the Pope's Mass. Even if the liturgy of the Mass is a bit of a let down, or the vestments worn are not his best, I am still excited to be present with thousands of fellow catholics to witness (witness his Mass, be watching out for posts on that idea..) a Holy Mass celebrated by our Holy Father.

This brings me to another idea...

The way in which people get all excited because those who might get to receive communion from the Pope are centered entirely around that fact. This is the wrong place we should be at for the Mass. If you REALLY believe that what the Pope distributes is the Sacred Body AND Blood of Jesus Christ then the fact of receiving from the Pope shouldn't be your main focus. Yes, it is still awesome to have that privilege (even thought he is just a guy like you and I) but that shouldn't be our intent for the Mass.