Monday, April 7, 2008

Why Now?

I find it very interesting that in my lifetime, I am a witness to the changing that is happening in the Catholic Church. It seems like for the past forty years things have been going "downhill" and it is NOW, in my teens, when we are fighting the fight and putting the focus more on God, and the sacrifice that we offer at the Mass.

Sometimes I ask myself, "Why now? Why in my lifetime, rather than the 2,000 years before now?" But then I remind myself that: 1. There have always been problems in the church, and 2. This is apparently what the world needs now.

I have to give Pope Benedict "props" for what he's been doing. He has really changed the focus in the Mass, in a loving, kind and planned out manner.... well, he is the POPE. =D I like to use my friends quote "John Paul got the people to come into the church, and then handed it off to Benedict who said "alright, now that you're here, we have some rules....""