Monday, May 5, 2008

The "Our Father" Hand

Are you sick and tired of some progressive nagging you to hold his/her hand during the Lord's Prayer? Well, speak no more!

The "Our Father Holding Hand" is a one-size fits all that you can easily slip on your real hand and then slip it off your real hand indiscreetly so the progressive congregant to your left or right has a hand to hold. Meanwhile, your real hands are now reverently folded so that you can reverently pray the Lord's Prayer without getting stuck in that giant 60's style peace chain.And for the aggressive progressive, the Our Father Holding Hand comes with a built in buzzer, so you can get rid of your transgressor in a humane manner.The Our Father Holding Hand - available at Goodwill, for it is our good will to pray the Lord's Prayer with great reverence.Peace,BMPPS: some fine print - Those who attend the Tridentine Mass do not need this hand. Such hand-holding craziness didn't exist in 1962.

Scribbled by Brian Michael Page at 22:38

- A tribute to my dad -