Monday, June 2, 2008

Chapel Veils-

I was talking about chapel veils with my dad earlier this week and wanted to share with you some thoughts that i think need to be reminded to those who see the chapel veil as "putting a woman to a lower standard".

The chapel veil is not to raise men higher above women, or to show the un-worthiness of the women in the Catholic Mass. It is actually completely the opposite. The chapel veil is a form of respect and honor towards women. It shows that we as humans honor women and show our respect towards them by covering their heads and bodies. We don't treat women (excuse me) as a piece of meat, we treat them as a sacred vessel, which is used to create life.

I also see a great respect shown from the women to God. You have to believe that women and men both have their roles in life (which is hard to see in today's society). But also to show a great deal of respect to the thing that is going on in the Mass which is far more above you or me.

--There is a great deal more, and this can branch off to other discussions several ways. Please feel free to discuss, and correct or add anything you wish.