Friday, July 11, 2008

Thoughts From a Teen

I feel so comfortable at church. I could just sit in a pew and think for hours. I try to go to everything that is offered from the liturgies of the church, and yet, I still want more. I know that my presence there is enough, but I feel obliged to serve at the Mass-- not sit in the pew, or even sing in the Schola. I feel as though serving at the foot of the altar is MY place in the Mass (I say "MY" place, because not everyone is called to serve at the altar at Mass, but to serve in many different ways given to them by God). That is one reason why the priesthood is such a definite probability for me. I feel at home in the church (as should everyone I realize) and little things keep putting me in positions and having things happen that seem to be building me in a very certain way, connected to our Mass. Maybe priesthood, maybe a father of a priest...

Like I said in my other post, I've started the Liturgies of the Hours and that has helped feed my hunger somewhat. I feel that I am constantly fighting (from the media, school, and other people) the tendency to put God and Mass just for the hour on the weekends, because it should be the entire focus of everything I do, and it is.