Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today's Catholic-

It is not easy being a catholic. Especially in the present day. With the lack of respect, and dignity, and the overwhelming grasp of ignorance that has taken over many people. Yet, the church still grows and survives. For nearly 2,000 years. But, if you LOVE God, wouldn't your life be devoted to him? Our protestant brothers and sisters take their idea of an easy road. They "recognize God as their Lord and Savior" and then they're set for life, don't need to prove it or work for it because "God knows I love Him". But as catholics we believe that we have an entire life of penance to God. That we keep trying and showing our honor and respect and love towards God.

Lately I've been thinking about how when ignorance will come into my life (not only religiously, but also in that outside of Catholicism, if there is such a place) and i feel forced to convert or to teach until that conflict meets my standard and my knowledge of THE Truth. Yet, none of these battles have worked or will work to the point that I'd like them to. Then, after discussing this matter with my mom (in less specific terms) i realized that to show an example of Christ or to live a holy and catholic life, you do not necessarily need to be fighting the battles, or be a martyr of the church. But to live a holy and catholic life, and in that alone, you are setting a loving and nurturing example of love for others, and putting yourself in that mindset.

For any teens, or adults interested in more, i strongly encourage you to read "Letters to a Young Catholic" by George Weigle. It's main concept is catholic mentality, and catholic life and challenges.

I encourage you all to add on to this, and discuss this with one another- and me.