Friday, August 22, 2008

How I hold the Mass-

It's no secret, that I believe in transubstantation, and that the Mass is a true, real, substantial, and mystical sacrifice, as taught by the council of Trent and the Second Vatican Council. This being the teaching of the church, that the Mass is an event which transcends both time and space, an expression of out belief in the communion of saints, Truly, you can learn the faith from the Mass. The Mass is so awesome. It should be treated as the awesome mystery, the gift that it is.

So I hold the Mass in highest esteem, but many do not. People lose the fact that the Mass is primarily vertical: we offer our sacrifice of praise to God, and the Eucharistic sacrifice. However, the community, somewhere along the way, became the focus. So, I see traditional worship, worship where God is truly the focus in more ways than one, as an expression of fidelity to the church.