Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It began...

I apologize in advance for the lack of posting I will be doing on here. High school just started today and I am already swamped with football games, musical rehearsals and so on. So when I get the chance I will post more on, but the outlook is pretty grim.

Although, I do ask one thing from you though, and that is your prayers. Pray for the Returning High school students to be in the right state of mind and body to learn and grow and to stay out of any disputes or drama that may enter into their lives (Because boy, there sure is A LOT of drama in high school as many of you well know.) and if these may encounter the student, please pray for them to have to strength to overcome whatever obstacle that they may Indore and keep their eyes focused on our Lord.

I strongly ask for these prayers.

Thank you so much!

In Christ-