Sunday, September 28, 2008


The fact of the matter is, is that I need to push myself to post stuff on here. Not for the readers that visit my blog, but for myself. To be true to myself. When immersing myself in the teachings of the church, I feel as though I find home again. That discipline of reading articles and posting them and writing about what ever i am dealing with or is on my mind is what I need to push myself to do. Otherwise I am doing what I am doing, which is curling up and letting the world take control. Which is a bad thing! We all know that this world isn't going with us, and that this isn't the ultimate goal that we strive for and base our lives on. But in keeping up with my post, and praying the divine office; I keep on my feet, and am able to be completely who I am, and focus on what is more important, God.

Woo! I needed to kick myself in the butt!