Monday, November 10, 2008

100 Post!

Over the past few months I've learned a lot. But in a special way, the things I've learned from just writing this blog. Throughout my writings, I've used this as an outlet, or journal, for questions and ideas that I have. It has been wonderful. To just sit and write, feeling no pressure, and to think about what I am dealing with, or what comes to my mind with others. I've started this blog from the beginning not looking for "gratification" or comments on it. I do this for myself, and that's how things (including blogs) should be. I also don't worry about whether or not I am keeping up with my blog, or whether or not it's some "big thing" to say. I see a lot of blogs that get too wrapped up in their blog, and what a good job they are doing. I've found that's not the way to go about it. But rather- start with integrity, and doing it for yourself, and for the right reasons.

This blog has enhanced my faith. Being able to see my faith and theology grow before me is an awesome experience. I take time every now and then to re-read my posts, to see issues and events in my life that come across in my writings. (not to mention my spelling errors...)

Lately, I've been really thinking about how compassionate we must be to one another. One could probably tell from my latest posts. I use this as a affirmation to help say aloud what I am going through, and how I am living my life; or rather, should be living my life. Putting it down in words commits me to it.

So, I would just like to thank all of the readers that have popped in to read, and hope you've taken something out of my writings. It's been a blessing for me.


Woo! 100th post!!!!!