Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, the High School musical is almost over- that's where I've been if anyone has wondered- but I'll be getting back to posting some more on here. (Aren't you in luck!?!?!?)

I am ready for winter this year, other years I haven't been looking forward to the snow and such, but I'm begging to see beauty in things. Things that one may not always find it in. I've noticed that more in myself. I am working on being more patient and compassionate. I need to see Jesus in people, I know this is an on-going battle, but I've been focusing on these things for the past few weeks, and will be.

Anyways- back to my original thought. I am looking forward to advent, and Christmas. (Who isn't!!) I've been crazy busy, and when advent starts I'm going to be going back to Latin Mass at 7 a.m.! I've missed it so... I love starting my day out receiving our Lord!

All in all, things are good. Just a little crazy until next weekend. (please pray for me!!) I will begin posting more on here, life is getting a little back to normal! Thanks!