Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1st Tridentine Mass

This past Sunday I attended my first Tridentine Mass! It was INCREDIBLE! The only part I have to complain about is that the priest and clergy mumbled all of their Latin (and I'm not talking about the secret prayers) and the music was horrendous! It was also just a low Mass. But still, I already knew a bunch about the rite, but this gave me a first hand experience.

Everything fit into place, and everything that didn't need to be in the Mass, (sign of peace) was put into it's proper place. It all ran smoothly, as opposed to the Novus Ordo Mass, that is bumpy. From a server's point of view; in the Novus Ordo Mass, we're bumping into each other while trying to get stuff done, it just isn't flowing. As opposed to the Tridentine Mass where it is obvious that the servers are a representation of the people, and there is time for the servers to do stuff, and use reverence. It flowed.

I also noticed that throughout the Mass the priest is constantly in check. He is always praying, for the congregation, that leaves no room for the priest to get off track, or not be focused on what he is doing. The only time the priest has "off" is his homily, but in that he is directly talking to the congregation. So there is no wiggle room for the clergy to space off or do "shtick". They are constantly fixed on the Mass, and what they are doing in the Mass.

All in all, the Mass seemed simple to a server's standpoint. In about 3 one hour practices I think I, and most servers could have it down. (hint) I just need to work on my Latin. =D