Friday, December 5, 2008

Friends Post

This is an article written by a high school friend of mine.

I believe in God because I have faith in him. This [I believe in God because...] is a difficult statement to respond to, because of course, there is no concrete proof that God is all he’s cracked up to be. Why then, do I believe in Him? Why would I sculpt my life around someone that so many think is a lie, around something that so many think doesn’t exist?

I was brought up from birth as a member of the Catholic Church, and like everyone, I have found that many things change as life goes through its cycle. People die, move away, and betray. Things that you have been taught to you in elementary and middle school are revealed as lies, or at minimum, incomplete truths, once you reach high school, college, and finally emerge into the real world. In my life at least, very few things remain constant, stable, and reliable. The first is that my family will always love and support me. The second is the Church, and God himself. Sure, I don’t really “know” that He’s there, but why then is He the first one that I want to turn to when something goes wrong, or I need help? Why would a human being instinctively turn to a false, nonexistent being? They wouldn’t, and this is how I know, on a personal level, that God is real.

Of course, I don’t expect to tell that to others and have them say, “Oh, that makes sense.” But I do have an explanation that everyone should agree with. Science, a terrific and terrible field both, puts out into the world many profound statements. Terrific because, sure, many are tested, proven, and accepted by ALL scientists, such as the fact that acid and water react violently when added in the wrong order. Terrible, though, because some “bad seeds” hide behind the mask of being renowned as scientists, and throw out “theories”. Some theories are great- I’m a big fan of the atomic theory- but others not so much. For example, I tend to disregard scientists who throw out statements along the lines of “evolution is the only answer to the formation of life, there is no god!” Quite the contrary, actually- the very fact that life exists is proof of God! While I believe in some elements of the theory of evolution, someone had to put the “evolver” there. If humans (“evolvees”) all evolved from a single tiny bacterium through billions of random mutations, where did the original bacterium (evolver) come from? Someone had to put it there- it is impossible for something to evolve from nothing.

Although a great majority of people will disagree with what I say, and even call me crazy, I stand by my opinion that God exists (which is in actuality, not an opinion, but a truth). And let me know if that whole “getting something from truly nothing” thing ever works out for you.