Friday, December 5, 2008


Interesting. I was reading an other's blog and come across the word "feria" and in Latin definition it means, "Free day". The term is used to denote days of the week other than Sunday and Saturday for no feast day is to be celebrated. Advent is a feria. In the Roman Catholic Church it is traditionally considered a season of penitence and fasting, to prepare for the holy day, and its liturgical color is purple. However, the Roman observance has always contained an element of joyful anticipation of Christmas, a feeling that prevails during this season in Western churches today. Originally Advent was seen as a time of preparation for the feast of Christ's nativity. But during the Middle Ages this meaning was extended to include preparation for Christ's second coming, as well as Christ's present coming through grace. In this you can see where the term "feria" comes into play.