Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Midnight Mass- Christmas '08

Welp- I have about half an hour until I have to go get vested for Mass (and wipe off the charcoal stains on my surplice =D). I already served at the 5 o'clock vigil Mass, and that ran very smoothly. Now I'm just anticipating the "biggy".

I was looking online- and found this prayer to the baby Jesus. Lets pray for the Sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death, along with an end to Abortion and Euthanasia.

"O Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ, prostrate before Thy crib, I believe Thou art the God of infinite Majesty, even though I do see Thee here as a helpless babe. I humbly adore and thank Thee for having so humbled Thyself for my salvation as to will to be born in a stable. I thank Thee for all Thou didst wish to suffer for me in Bethlehem, for Thy poverty and humility, for Thy nakedness, tears, cold and sufferings.

Would that I could show Thee that tenderness which Thy Virgin Mother had toward Thee, and love Thee as she did. Would that I could praise Thee with the joy of the angels, that I could kneel before Thee with the faith of St. Joseph, the simplicity of the shepherds. Uniting myself with these first adorers at the crib, I offer Thee the homage of my heart, and I beg that Thou wouldst be born spiritually in my soul. Make me reflect in some degree the virtues of Thy admirable nativity. Fill me with that spirit of renunciation, of poverty, of humility, which prompted Thee to assume the weakness of our nature, and to be born amid destitution and suffering. Grant that from this day forward, I may in all things seek Thy greater glory, and may enjoy that peace promised to men of good will."

Merry Christmas!