Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To Know Yourself

For Christmas I got a book called, "The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas Kempis. It's written in old English, so it's a hard read. But, from the few pages that I have read, I got this...

That we should search for God inside of ourselves, through the knowledge we gain. But not for Knowledge's sake. We should learn to know The Truth. We search and learn to be at one with God. In this, we open up a "door" (if you will) that allows God to enter into us. In our longing to know The Truth, we become closer to our Lord.

St. Hippolytus wrote:
"The saying "Know yourself" means therefore that we should recognize and acknowledge in ourselves that God who made us in his own image, for if we do this, we in turn will be recognized and acknowledged by our Maker."

Think of the phrase "Ignorance is bliss". It doesn't mean that one shouldn't learn out of fear of being held responsible. If you take your knowledge and use it humbly, and live your life in a holy manner, then you'll have nothing to fear. The phrase means that those with little knowledge are held to a lower level, but still equal in judgment. That's the key.