Friday, January 2, 2009

Catholic Priestly Vestments- Part V

The stole (orarium) is a long narrow strip of fabric, which, hanging from the neck, falls down right and left over the breast. During the celebration of mass, the bands are crossed in front, the bishop alone wears them hanging parallel; the deacon, who may wear the stole at greater functions, may only bear it on the left shoulder. The material is usually the same as that of the chasuble. The ornament tion was generally confined to embroidered Latin crosses; in the episcopal stoles, however, it was often very elaborate. The little bells which are sometimes found on the lower edge are based on Ex. xxviii. 33 sqq. The name stola, which was introduced only at a later period and does not apply to the article, obscures its origin, since this name designated an article of female apparel. The parallel orariumsudarium shows clearly that the stole comes from the handkerchief which was worn around the -neck or the arm in ancient time. The symbolism is patience.