Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Feast of the Epiphany

Epiphany had its origins in the Eastern Church- who celebrated Christmas on January 6th, the begining of the octave. Prior to 1970, the Roman Catholic Church recognized Epiphany as an eight-day feast, beginning on January 6 and continuing through the Octave of Epiphany, or January 13. This Feast - also known as the . "Three Kings Day" - recalls Christ revealing Himself as Divine in three different ways: to the Magi, at His Baptism, and with His miracle at the wedding feast at Cana.

"The heavens He has renewed, for that fools worshipped all the luminaries: He has renewed the earth, for that in Adam it was wasted. That which He fashioned has become new by His spittle: and the All-Sufficing has restored bodies with souls."
-St. Ephraem