Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lent is coming

Lent is almost here! Only like, ummm... 10 days! I can't wait. I always love lent. I love all of the stuff we have going on, and how much adoration we have towards the Blessed Sacrament. (I know we should have it whenever, all around the year. But, "brick by brick" my friends!) This year, Father is beginning to say vespers, starting on Ash Wednesday--every night at 6:30. That is something I feel more parishes need to look into doing (all year long!). Parishes are begging to focus on the liturgy, and the music, and what is most important. While we still need a BIG push for that, we also need to remember to give opportunities for the faithful to worship, pray before the Lord outside of Mass. Not just more Masses, but things such as; benediction, rosary, vespers, lauds, etc. Also, people need to be taught, and have the opportunity to ask religious questions, and to learn. Adult Catechism classes would be a wonderful addition to any parish!