Friday, March 13, 2009

My Love of Each Mass

Over the past forty years the Church has been dealing with a reformation. Most took its intentions and twisted them, leaving the theology that we are now fixing today. I don't believe that it was Vatican II's intent for all of the "guitars, tambourines, and folk" Masses. Rather, I believe that they were just offering the Novus Ordo as a form that would be available to priests so they could speak in their vernacular, along with other various changes. In hearing this, certain people and news articles began to take these new options and run with it. Turning it into something that "you have to do, declared by the pope." That something is exactly what we are reforming today.

I personally, have no problem with a traditional Novus Ordo Mass. It is very beautiful, and if done right, can be as holy as any other form of Mass. Now, mind you, I am not referring to the typical "70's" Novus Ordo Mass most people think of. But rather, an enhanced one at which I feel we as a Church, and the Holy Father are pushing towards. A Mass that uses Latin throughout, one that doesn't have any EMC's or girl altar servers, etc. Along with many other things in which distract from the real purpose of the Mass.

I also think there is a great calling for priests and layman alike to see the true essence of Christ in the Mass. That is one of the biggest things that I think we need to catechise the faithful (priests, deacons, and layman) about. We need to be constantly aware of Whose presence we are in at Mass, and the cosmic battle and suffering that is being offered to save us. The more we come to see the real purpose of the Mass, and what ACTUALLY takes place, the more humble people will become before our Lord. From this, we will begin to see that our Masses in which we celebrate now are not suitable for God and all His glory. Then we begin to celebrate our Masses in a far more devout, and pious manner. Making every effort to make it as beautiful and holy as possible. With this we begin a "snowball effect" of our worship at Mass. We begin to search for a more devout way to celebrate Mass (Why not?! Why not do the best we can do for our God? If we have the capability, then what should stop us?).

We love the Latin Mass for its own sake, for its inherent reverence and for all the Catholic elements in it that were removed from the "New" Mass. Sure, the New Mass is Catholic and entirely sufficient, when done properly, of course -- but when Catholics attend the Latin Mass they see what else is possible.

In our search we come full circle to where we first began with the Tridentine Rite. Set up hundreds of years ago, when they too were looking for something "worthy" of God in the Mass. It is the most reverent, and pious Mass form (I believe) we have. And the funny thing is, we've had this it all along! It shows God such humility and pious devotion.

I truly do love the Tridentine Mass. Everything about it is perfect. It is two thousand years old, but it has been fine-tuned to perfection over the course of that time through a process of development which represents the very best, the very highest that the Holy Ghost inspired the Church to offer to God. The altar server's/priest's movements, the mental position it puts the laity, the reverence, the way it keeps the priest and congregation in "check", so that they may remain fixed on the sacrifice of the Mass. But I do believe there is space for a Holy Novus Ordo Mass as well. I love them both, for different reasons.

I think we as a church, are going to get to a place at which both Mass forms are accepted, and neither are looked down upon. It will be up to the diocese, or even the local priest as to what form they celebrate when. This clarity in the intent of each Mass, will leave both priest and congregation not worrying what each Mass will have in store. Both forms will be held to strict guidelines, and "personal touches" won't be accepted.

O God, the Protector of all who hope in Thee and without Whom nothing can have either strength or holiness, multiply Thy mercy, we beseech Thee, upon us, that Thou being our Ruler and our Guide, we may so pass through the goods of this life as not to lose those which are eternal. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.