Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chapel Veils

Last week I made chapel veils for my two little sisters. They've both wanted one for a long while, so I got the lace and made it (with the help of my mom! =D Thanks mom!!). They LOVE them. They're wearing them every Sunday.

Sadly enough, something as simple as a chapel veil has become somewhat of a controversy in the modern Catholic Church.

For women of the Catholic Church, wearing veils when in church has always been a custom exemplifying their modesty and femininity. But that's a point most women today don't seem to understand. It's not that we "put down" or degrade" women by having them wear these veils. We are actually exalting them! We are praising them as holy and sacred vessels!

These chapel veils are working in two ways...

1. To humble the women wearing it before the presence of God, and to dress/cover up properly for Mass so as to not distract others and to focus on what is going on.

2. To exalt women as respected and holy beings that bear the sacred fruit of life. As beings of God, and NOT as objects.

Society today has that backwards! They think by covering women we are degrading them and treating them as objects, not "equal" people. When really it's the other way around!!


My two sisters love them! They look sooo holy when they wear them, smiling ear to ear! =D

My sister, Sarah

My sister, Allison