Saturday, May 2, 2009

"The Church began Small, and is renewed from small beginnings"

That quote being said by none other than Pope Benedict himself, throughout this great time of reformation.

Today we face the hard times against the protestant reform of our church. Where the idea of "letting the church be the church" had been turned into, "let the world set the church." But now we are beginning to see the light. But we must remember, the light was never gone. We must show the world this light, the light that has not and will never ever be extinguished.

But with this growth in reform and tension in culture will come conflict. Which, I believe, will result in a great suffering, and trials, that we will have to endure. Even though, the church does not seek to be counter cultural, but when the church is countered by society and culture of our day, it has no choice. The Church IS, and will never change. But, in another sense, if the culture of our church-it's practices, traditions, and moral thoughts- is the culture that is the One True Truth, then it is not a matter of the church being counter cultural anymore. Some would call this an extreme way of thinking, but it is that same extreme that says that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Christ IS the Church, so thus, our extreme claim for Christ becomes our extreme claim for His Church.

Today there is much that is counter to the Catholic way of being. The (lower case) church has become a buyer's market, where anyone can pick whatever one feels. Over the past forty years people have attempted to take the "mystery" out of Holy Mass, ending up removing it completely.

But there is reform. God is working in such wonderful ways right this very day to bring His flock back in to where they should be.

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