Saturday, May 16, 2009

In the Desert

Ok, I've not been posting in awhile, I know. Partly it is due to me not having anything of value to say. Mostly, because during this time, for many reasons, I have been in what some call the "desert of the soul." I have no movement, no fortitude, nothing of impart which is worth writing or sharing.

As I'm going through this "dryness" I find that it is in times such as these that it is harder to stay true to our Lord and His will. I feel as though I "lose" those wonderful feelings/things that "keep me going." Those special/big Masses, church vespers, stations, etc. Lent was almost "giddy" for me. I love Lent, the whole season, but now there's sort of a 'sadness' and a more "desert" feel. This is not the only time I will feel this (or have), but just another instance of it. It is in times such as this that God truly tests us. When we are to remain inspired/and true to the faith, when there is not necessarily a physical trial to endure/prove our faith.

During times of trial for my soul, I find my only consolation, really my only hope for my own salvation, lies in the wearing of my scapular, praying of my rosary, and praying divine office facing my crucifix in my room.

With every shred of my will, I place my hope in the mercy of God, through the prayers of Mary in the wearing of her scapular and praying of her rosary. Amen.