Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Writing..

I think part of the reason for my so called, "dryness," is because that now that it is the Sixth Sunday after Easter, it doesn't feel like Easter time. A time of rejoicing! In the old calendar, Easter kept going on, with big masses, rejoicing, special prayers, and being in God's majesty and glory. While in today's liturgical calendar, once Easter has passed it seems as though we just move right into ordinary time-where everything seems bland...

-just something we all sort of go through at times; something I have to pull myself out of! Maybe I'll go watch the ND commencement! That'll cheer me up!! (Yes, I am being sarcastic! =D) That's all I'm going to say about that. I don't feel the place of my blog is to write on or post about political issues. Anyways...

Actually, I'm going to go work on my Renaissance paper. Due Tuesday. I randomly was given Martin Luther as my person to write about... ironic?! Anyway, I'm not too upset over it. I actually think it will be a good thing to study/ learn about. To see what really happened, and what caused him to do this, and what was the reason behind the split.

So far, it's pretty interesting that one (some say mentally unstable) monk, who was emotionally confused, caused such a rift as this. All because he didn't happen to find comfort in the church for himself.

Granted, there were things to be upset about the church with. Indulgences being misused, worldliness, popes using their papal authority for personal gain, etc. But not something to cause a split in the church so serious as this... Certainly reform, but not a break.

I have a Lutheran friend at school, who says that Martin Luther would be VERY upset if he saw what his actions led to. He wanted reform, not a breakaway. This wasn't his intent.

I finished reading Neuhaus' book "Catholic Matters." It is an AMAZING book; very, very good, I recommend it to all! But in it, it talks much about Neuhaus' childhood and conversion (and eventual ordination into the priesthood) from a son of a Lutheran pastor, to a catholic priest. Very interesting. I pray for the conversion/ healing of this great rift with the Lutherans...

Anyway, I will have more to write on this.. When my report is done I will post it, rather than write about the topic in a very general manner, which I've just done. =D