Thursday, June 18, 2009

How was YOUR Corpus Christi?

Last weekend's Corpus Christi Mass was one of the most beautiful Masses I've ever been to.

It began with ten altar servers (all in cassocks-- one thurifer, two candle bearers, one cross bearer, and six others) processing around the church while Father held the Monstrance up high with the Most Blessed Sacrament adorned inside. As we processed around all went to their knees in adoration.

Then, after we made the procession, we entered down the center aisle of the nave with twenty-two Knights of Columbus standing there at attention with swords drawn. The respect for the Most Holy Eucharist was incredible. As it should be always, but even more on Corpus Christi Sunday.

The Mass was beautiful. Everything went smoothly and the music was very very good. The Schola Cantorum used the Orbis Factor Mass setting and during the Offertory a quartet sang Edward Elgar's "Ave Verum Corpus." Most appropriate for Corpus Christi Sunday. (Should be on Thursday... but that's another post for another time)

Last weekend's Mass was Father's last Sunday Mass at St. Charles Borremeo Parish before he leaves on Friday. The fact that the quartet sang that particular "Ave Verum Corpus" had a double meaning. Mainly, to praise Jesus in His most precious body offered as a sacrifice, but also as a tribute to Father. It just happens to be Father's most favorite hymn, and that he hasn't heard it at a Mass since his ordination. Let's just say we got Father a little emotional after that. ;)
God works in wondrous ways. Having Father's last Parish Mass be on Corpus Christi which calls for the Ave Verum to be sung, that happens to be Father's favorite version. Everything that happens happens out of God's love for us.