Saturday, August 29, 2009

A mediator with our Mediator Jesus Christ

I have been reading St. Louis-Marie De Montfort's "The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin" over the past few days (Now I'm reading, "A Priest is Not His Own" by Sheen) and came across this truth that I thought I would share with you. So I will give credit where credit is due. Although this is my writing, it is based on his book and what he writes about.

When we approach God, it is right and humble to approach Him not by ourselves. That is, without a mediator. Our human nature is so corrupt that if we rely on our own works and efforts in order to reach God, our works will ultimately become tainted.

God gave us mediators for a purpose! He has seen our unworthiness and He has had pity on us. So to give us access to His mercies, He has provided us with powerful intercessors in able to obtain His mercies. So, to not use or recognize these mediators, and to approach Him directly is to fail in our humility and in our respect for God.

It is the same as if we were to approach some earthly king. We would not wish to approach him without some friend or some person to speak for us.

Our Lord is our mediator with God our Father. It is through Jesus that we ought to pray. It is by Him that we have access to God. "We should approach Him supported and clothed by the merits of His Son."

But we also need a mediator with the Mediator Himself! Is He not God, and in all respects equal to His Father, including all worthiness of respect as His Father is?

We need a mediator with the Mediator Himself, and the divine Mary is the most capable of fulfilling this position. It is by her that Jesus Christ came to us, and it is by her that we must go to Him. If we fear to approach directly Jesus Christ who is God either because of His infinite greatness or because of our lowliness or sins, we should seek out the aid and intercession of Mary our Mother. She is kind and tender, there is nothing too sublime that we can't handle. "When we see her we see our own human nature."

She is not the sun nor its heat or light, which by the brightness and intensity of itself could blind and burn us because of our weakness. Rather, she is sweet and gentle like the moon, which receives the light of the sun (Son) and softens it in order to adapt it to our limited capacity.

All of this has been taught by St. Bernard and St. Bonaventure. According to them, we have three steps to take when we go to God: the first and nearest to us, is Mary; the second is Jesus Christ; and the third is God the Father. To go to Jesus we must go to Mary, our "mediatrix of intersection." To go to God the Father, we must go to Jesus: He is our Mediator of redemption. This is the order to be observed and practiced.

St. Montfort's book is a wonderful read! This book presents and talks about Mary being the essential and infallible key to the heart of Jesus. I highly recommend it for anyone who questions Mary's role in the Church and for anyone wishing to grow in a closer and true devotion with our lady.


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic and I want to read that.

"The Priest is Not His Own" is one of my favorite books. Have you gotten to the part about, "Simon, son of Jonah, do you love me?" "Simon, son of Jonah do you love me?"
etc. yet?
It blew my mind and I read it about a hundred times.


Catholic Teen said...

No, I haven't. I just got it last Saturday, then I had Marching Band Camp all last week so I haven't had the strength or stamina to read much. :) I'm only on the second chapter where he writes about (ironically) Christ being our Mediator.

Anonymous said...

I can clearly see that Jesus is a mediator for us, jn 4:6-7... can you help me find scripture that supports Mary as another mediator?

Anonymous said...


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