Saturday, August 15, 2009

Serving the TLM

This past week I was trained and served at my first, second, and third Tridentine Mass. It was truly an incredible experience!!

While we were camping my Dad and I have been going to daily Mass in Paw Paw. One morning Fr. Adams (newly ordained priest!!) came over to me and asked if it would be alright if I served a TLM with him. I told him I never have before, but I would love to! So later that day he taught me and another boy to serve the TLM Low Mass. After our training he prayed Mass, and I was serving it.

Who would've thought that just a few hours after he asked me randomly I would be trained and be serving the TLM? Truly it was God's Grace at work. It came through Fr. Adams. He is a very Holy man. He gives off holiness, and compassion like an aroma. He is such an inspiration to me, and sets an example of what kind of a priest I want to be. Yet with such a GREAT love of God, there comes the GREAT power of the devil. The holier you are and the closer you are to God, the more the devil will work at pulling you away from Him. Pray for Fr. Adams and for all priests.

Words cannot describe the emotions felt in a TLM Mass. It is truly Right and truly Perfect. To serve at it, is amazing. You get IT!! You see the faith in the TRUE presence, the entering before God with fear and trembling, and Jesus being revealed to us all. He is the rising SON coming over the mountains to shine forth His light to the world. How amazing is that!? All of the actions have specific purpose and meaning. There is no room for personal preferences, or changes.

Everything makes sense in the TLM. It flows and moves with ease and gentleness. It shows absolute reverence, and puts the priest, servers, and faithful back to where they are meant to be. The priest becomes the person we shove up there before God. We say, "Here!! You go up there with God! You do it!" The congregation is praying for the priest and the servers while they, in return, carry out the sacrifice of the Mass and bring back from Calvary Jesus (LITERALLY!) and distribute Him to the faithful!! How AWE some!?

Anyways, it was an incredible grace and experience. Actually, the Mass was very simple to learn. I had it down the first day. I just need to work on my Confiteor. =D I hope to serve the Mass several more times this next week (we are going back to Paw Paw on Monday). It will be hard afterwards to not be able to serve it.


Fr. Brian Stanley said...

I kind of get the impression that maybe, probably, you sort of liked the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

Do you think that knowing the Extraordinary Form will help you understand the Ordinary Form better? Why or why not?

[Sorry for the essay question there: it's the high school teacher in me.]

Catholic Teen said...

Yes =D I "sort-of" like the Extraordinary From. Just a little bit. =D

To answer your question:

Yes, I do think knowing the Extraordinary From will help me (as well as others) to understand the Ordinary From better. Once you begin to see and understand what "really" is taking place in the Mass, and how it works and moves, one begins to attempt to find that in the Novus Ordo.

But that is a very hard task no doubt!! The TLM gives catechesis throughout the Mass--even if one doesn't understand any words said or know anything about the Mass they will still have an idea about what TRULY is going on, merely by watching the physical actions of the Mass (Ad Orientem, genuflections, incense, quietness, and so on).

You can duplicate this as much as you want in the N.O. but it will never be at a level similar to the TLM. The N.O. just can't offer these things because it is set up in such a way that even if it is ad orientem, all in latin, and uses chant it is limited by its form.

Then the question comes:

If the N.O. is made into a holy and reverant Mass, using Latin, Chant, Ad Orientem, and so on, why wouldn't you just take one step forward and do the TLM? It isn't that much different from the N.O. (in the form we just described) yet it allows so much more to be revealed to the faithful, the servers and the priest.

I have to go. I have more thoughts on this. It might be turning into a blog post.