Sunday, August 23, 2009

St. Anne's and the Sisters of Charity

Last Saturday my brother and I were invited to serve a Mass and a Holy Hour of Exposition at St. Anne's Chapel in Lawton (Owned by SJC). Fr. Adam's was called in to pray the Mass for seventeen Sisters of Charity (Mother Theresa of Calcutta's order) from Chicago who came there for a retreat on their order's feast, the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

After the Mass and Holy Hour the Sisters talked to our family and gave us some prayer cards with pieces of Mother Theresa's clothes inside (hopefully soon to be second class relics of a saint!) and they just happened to have Mother Theresa's rosary with them as well (it is passed around from order to order--they just happened to have it) so we kissed it.

My little sister has said that she wants to be a nun. Specifically, a "Dominican Tertiary." Remember, she's eight! =D She was so happy to meet these Sisters, and to talk to them. We don't have any sisters around us or our parish so we don't see them that often. Oh, how many vocations are lost due to this!!

Soon afterwards we left because the Sisters went to go fishing over in the pond near the chapel. They saw the row boat over by the pond and insisted that they wanted to go fishing. One said she had never been fishing before!!!

It was a very special day filled with God's graces.

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