Monday, September 28, 2009

Does God exist?!

So awesome.

(Taken for Te Deum Laudamus!)


Susan said...

It is so good to have you back. I have so missed your post. Know that I have you all in my prayers. It was a prayer answered to see your father in church today.

Susan said...

In reading over Our Lady of Medjugorje's September 2, 2009 message of the day...I thought of us all...what we are all really being called to do:
"Dear Children! Today, with a motherly heart, I call you to learn to forgive, completely and unconditionally. You suffer injustice, betrayals and persecutions, but by that you are closer to and dearer to God.My children, pray for the gift of love. Only love forgives all, as my Son forgives--follow Him. I am among you and am praying that when you come before your Father you can say: 'Here I am Father, I followed your Son, I had love and forgave wih the heart, because I believed in your judgement and trusted in you.' Thank you."

Catholic Teen said...


Thank you so much for your comments. Thank you most especially for your prayers. It's so good to hear from you!

It is really good to be back to writing. It is what I'm called to do right now and I shouldn't deny God what he wishes of me.

Also, thank you for sharing Our Lady's message- Boy did that hit home!

Some interesting stuff going on in Medjugorje!

Molly said...

This is good stuff!!

I read the above comments & was wondering about Medjugorje, it is my understanding that the Church does not recongnize any supernatural happenings there.

Would you mind doing a post on this?

Catholic Teen said...


Sure! There's a lot going on over there right now, and a lot of information... So it'll be up when I get some free time to write.

Susan-- Any help on this?! =D