Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dominus Vobiscum

Dominus Vobiscum; "The Lord be with You"

It is not enough to just say "dominus vobiscum," we must also apply it to our actions. We must suit the action to the word. We have to set the example of what we teach or believe.

Which means that we need to know exactly what this "dominus vobiscum" or any other circumstance requires of us.

To "be with the Lord" means to always be with Him and do all for Him. Imagine standing at a friends side, and yet planning or working against him-- That's treachery and wrong.

Jesus even said, "He who is not with Me, is against Me."

It is impossible to be neutral in times of reality and importance. We need to stand up for what we believe is right 100%. Not 80%, or even 95% because if we only stand up for what we believe 95% then we do not fully understand or really believe what we say we believe.

We cannot stay neutral in the times we are facing right now. The line is being drawn in many different aspects of our lives and we need to pick a side 100%.

Not to say that this is something easy to do! This is very hard, and involves immense pain and suffering. But if we are not willing to commit 100% to one side (hopefully the right side) than we are not for that side we may say we are for.

There is no gray area. Only black and white.

We need to decide now.


CH (CPT) Brian Stanley said...

Well, the Lord surely is with you, Jock. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to lots of good, spiritual posts here in 2010. You are already developing a homiletic style -- as CH Lamb would say back at the Schoolhouse at Ft. Jackson, "I like dat! Let's go wit dat!"

I assure you, there are millions of Catholics, sitting in the pews every weekend, who want clarity in their lives of faith, who want to know clarity in their discipleship to the Lord Jesus. And because there are a lot of priests out there whose own relationships with the Lord are strained or stressed, they hesitate to preach with clarity, because of their own doubts. They do not see things as black and white, because their perspective has been distorted, blurred by doubts that come from their experiences. Those experiences should not be dismissed, but it must be admitted that the Prince of Lies is at work in those experiences, and the distortions come from distractions perpetrated by the forces of darkness. We cannot stay neutral -- we must be "on guard." And you are so right: this is VERY hard, and involves pain and suffering. It also involves being alongside our Savior, who is with us every step of the way.

St. Paul wrote, "We walk by faith, and not by sight." Faith gives us clarity, helps us to see the distinctions about which you are writing, Jock. In our discipleship to the Lord Jesus, you are absolutely right; there is no gray area. We need to commit fully to the Lord Jesus.

Again, keep up the good work, Jock! I am so proud of you, serving the TLM at St. Mary's, and running this outstanding blog. You continue to be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

願你心情如秋高氣爽!笑臉如鮮花常開! ....................................................

CH (CPT) Brian Stanley said...

I wish to concur with Anonymous: where is Jock? Why don't we have more posts from Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi? How am I going to grow in my love for the Lord Jesus, especially in the liturgy, if LO,LC goes silent for almost a month?

Grace said...

That is absolutely true! No in-betweens, no excuses, no complicating the facts... Jesus has One solid [Catholic] Faith, not numerous confused religions that are continually reforming, making their
"own versions" of following Christ. God bless you!

Dad said...

Well, I haven't learned anything new about my faith since 30 December. Sigh... I suppose now I am going to have to read the Summa by myself. Sigh...