Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Okay Okay!!!

Listen my dear friends, between athletic practices, band, exams, and my "oh so important" engagement to the Taco Bell family I have had little to no time to write lately. However, I hear your cries (anonymous' included) and I promise I will be posting on here very soon.

Some of the topics you can look forward to in the upcoming weeks: my impressions of the movie "The 13th Day," serving High Mass at St. Mary's, St. Blaise, and random tangents that I often tend to get on.

In the meantime, enjoy the music on my blog, review some of the older articles I have posted, and spend more time PRAYING!

In Christ,


CH (CPT) Brian Stanley said...

Well, it's about time.

Catholic Teen said...


Do you have any photos you could send me whenever you have some time?? I'd like to post them. :)