Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Carnival!

Here's to a prayerful and holy Lenten season!!

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CH (CPT) Brian Stanley said...

In this part of Germany, Carnival is called "Fasching." It is a lot of silliness and some drinking, and then some parade marching. Of course they march: this is Germany. And in uniforms, too.

There are various groups in the parade, groups organized centuries ago, and the members wear a particular costume, featuring a witch/hag or a representative of the animal kingdom [horse, red hen, goat, beaver, boar, etc.). The members wear elaborately carved wooden masks, which are passed down through the generations and worn only at the local parade. I attended the parade in Neuhausen, not far from Stuttgart. Lots of fun, but I'm a little old for such frivolity. As Fr. Mulcahy would say, "Jocularity, jocularity."