Monday, April 5, 2010

St. Mary's Altar of Repose


Dad said...

You boys did an amazing job serving, and you especially as master of ceremonies. It was a beautiful and holy triduum.

CH (CPT) Brian Stanley said...

Jock, I could have used you both Thursday and Saturday nights. It wasn't a disaster or a fiasco, but there were moments. Too much incense Thursday night, and the fire alarm went off, with an annoying persistent beep and a recording, in both German and English: Please Leave the Church! This went on for almost twenty minutes before the authorities arrived to turn off the alarm. It was quite humbling, and actually, it echoed the theme of my homily, which was that the current criticisms leveled at the Pope and other bishops is meant to get people to leave the Church. So, some people thought I had planned it all along. If only.

Fr. Grondz is blessed to have you and your brother as servers at St. Mary's. I am having to start from scratch here -- but it is very promising. I have a little boy, Michael, not yet four years old, who has been serving for me at daily Mass all throughout Lent. He wears a size six alb, hiked up with a cincture and sleeves rolled half-way up his arms. He is reverent, attentive, and very enthusiastic, especially about the candles -- he wants to light them, carry them, and extinguish them. He sits at attention, hands in prayerful position at his chest. He watches me like a hawk. He speaks the responses at Mass, with gusto. He already has a "command voice" -- his dad is a Lt. Col. in the Marines.

Michael also assisted me at all three Good Friday services as book bearer. He washes my hands at the Lavabo, rings the bells most prudently at the consecration, and has taken to keeping his thumbs and forefingers together after the Eucharistic prayer. He has already told his parents that he wants to be a priest. He plays "Mass" at home, with vestments made of old pillow cases. I have given him a little Mass kit -- not a real one, but one made up of items one can find in the grocery store -- all put in a little black ditty bag. His chalice is a steel bartender's "jigger" measure, and his paten is a steel drink coaster, that happens to match the bartender's measure.

When he plays Mass at home, he makes his little sister [just over two years old] and his mother attend Mass. As it is told to me by his mother, these Masses of his go on for almost two hours. He preaches in his four-year-old manner, gesturing with his hands, sometimes pounding the altar [a small end table used exclusively by Michael]. His mother tells me that she doesn't always understand what he is saying, but he certainly is passionate. I will be attending one of his "Masses" this week, and hope to give a full report later.

I have great hopes for Michael -- at this rate, he will be my MC for next year's Triduum liturgies. But he has a way before he can catch up to you -- perhaps by the time he is ready for first communion. :)