Friday, October 22, 2010

The Heart of the Mass

Anybody that wants to learn more about what occurs during a Tridentine Mass (and the history and reasons behind it all) should definitely buy THIS book (only $10.00 too!). I have a copy of this book and love it.
I know some parishes bought this book to use in classes to teach their parishioners about this Holy Mass and what goes on and why.

"If we would live the Mass, we must assist at it. And if we would assist at it, we must understand it. If Mass for you has become routine, a conforming to anything custom, simply a family habit, or to avoid mortal sin. "The Heart of the Mass" is the book to read.

This book dissects the Holy Mass into its component parts, prayer by prayer, phrase by phrase, in Latin with parallel English. Just what are we praying? Why? When? For whom? With whom?

It synthesizes explanations from the Fathers and Doctors, revelations to Saints, teachings of the Church, history and mystic commentary. Tells you what the celebrant and ministers are doing and the symbolism of their gestures. A chapter on articles used for Mass and their spiritual significance. Proposes meditations and the benefits of devout participation. Acts of oblation."

St. Dominic and the Devil

Today my family went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. My favorite painting was Vecchia's "St. Dominic and the Devil." It's a Renaissance oil painting done around the year 1630 in Italy.

The story of the Devil's appearance to St. Dominic in the form of a monkey is derived from a medieval legend, according to which the saint seized his tormentor and forced him to hold a lit candle while he studied. St. Dominic released him only after the candle burned down and scorched his fingers.